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I attach great importance to developing people to match their strengths. I support them in harnessing their own strengths and goals with their full potential.

Business Coaching

issues and help you to find and implement the right responses.


As a manager, you often experience situations in which you want support, perhaps from a partner you can trust who also holds up the mirror to you and honestly tells you their opinion with the best intention in mind - your success.


Not only learning new skills but practicing them and implementing them into a routine requires good training. Efficient and targeted communication opens doors, helps you achieve goals and strengthens relationships. Whether with executives, sales teams or individual employees, those who stop learning stop progressing.


In my training, I work with what the group brings, build the next step wherever it makes sense and lead people to new insights and successes with a lot of practice and fun.


Organisations are developing, markets are changing and the demands on everyone in the company are growing.

How can you create an organisation of learning in which people like to learn with joy? What skills does my business need now and in two, three or five years? How do I manage to make the values that I want to anchor in the company come alive? Does it make more sense to hire staff with the skills I need, or can I develop them in-house? If so, how do I do this and how long does it take?

Questions in the field of human resources and personnel development are complex and not always easy to answer.

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Learning Services

How can I support you?

  • Development strategies in international companies
  • Training & coaching of executives & teams
  • Sales training and strategic account planning e.g. challenger sales, win game – developing strategy against competition
  • Working World 4.0, the new normal and the hybrid world of work

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