Target group-oriented training

Strong in Life

I always put values at the centre of my work and coaching activities.
I work with what the participants give me.

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Responsibility for the further education and training of 19 countries and approx. 4000 employees
  • Sales training and coach for field sales and executives
  • Leadership Trainer and Coach
  • Learning and development strategies

If you see a challenge in sales, I would be delighted to assist you and your team. Just get in touch with me!

Sales training

Strong in Sales

I see sales as a part of every communication.  From retail to telephone sales to pharmaceutical field service, I have supported teams throughout Europe, Asia and the USA in developing their sales. It is not only the actual sales pitch that is important, but also strategic planning and cooperation with internal stakeholders.

How do your sales teams operate in an omnichannel communication mix that challenges many sales employees in completely new ways? Are your sales teams just planning the next conversation or longer-term contact channels? Can your teams effectively and successfully combine channels such as email or telephone with modern channels such as social media?

Leadership Training

Strong in Leadership

What is the difference between leadership and management? How can you help top performers to become very good leaders?

As a certified trainer for situational leadership with many years of experience in leadership training and many years of my own leadership experience, I help you and your management teams to break new ground and to make the culture in the company come to life effectively through your own behaviour.

The reflection of your own attitude here is just as important as the real interest in the other person. Communication tools also help to effectively implement your own leadership compass and to ensure for a good acceptance and clarity of leadership.

Experience as a manager

  • Management and development of training departments with global responsibility
  • Personnel management
  • Head of IT and software development departments
  • Personnel and budget responsibility
  • International strategic responsibility
  • Building a company of 30 to 1200 employees

If you have any questions about leadership development, you are most welcome to contact me!

Experience in human resources

  • Close cooperation with HR in projects and concepts
  • Develop skill and ability models, introduce and train them internally
  • Conduct hiring interviews and make hiring decisions
  • Recruitment agencies: search strategy and success factors
  • Implement and train performance management systems


If you have any questions about how I can support you in the field of personnel consulting, then you are most welcome to give me a call!

Personnel consulting

Strong in Communication

Do you need better interview skills for your recruitment? Do you also want to make the corporate culture come alive more through language and leadership style?

HR departments define themselves as a strategic component of corporate management. As a consultant, I help you and your team to analyse the processes in the company, to understand which variables lead to which behaviour and how your HR team can improve their own skills.

With my expertise in the field of personnel consulting, I can help your teams to optimise the process, define reliable KPIs, optimise the initial approach, conduct good interviews that also result in really meaningful candidate profiles and help to present these profiles accordingly.

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Learning Services

How can I support you?

  • Development strategies in international companies
  • Training & coaching of executives & teams
  • Sales training and strategic account planning e.g. challenger sales, win game – developing strategy against competition
  • Working World 4.0, the new normal and the hybrid world of work
Life Orientation

The LIFO®-Method

The focus of my training is always on the person. This is reflected in my offer of LIFO - life orientation coaching - and has an influence on all aspects of the training. Strong in life, strong in training.